Our Family Staff

Sally Stansbury - Senior Account Executive.  Sally was raised in Hingham, MA.  She graduated from Boston College with a

degree in marketing.  She spent much of

her career as either a Sales Account Manager

or as a Program Director in addition to being

a wife and a mother.  Sally brings her

expertise to opening new wholesale

relationships.  She also explores new sales

avenues, social media and product development.

Madeleine Stansbury - Sales Assistant.  Madeleine enjoys supporting Sally with the sales effort, and serving as a creative consultant for Dad's designs.

Ethan Stansbury - Sales Assistant.  Ethan is a dynamic player in the Stansbury family.  He loves being social

and making use of his gift with people of all

ages.  He supports his mom with 

wholesale business in Fairfield County.

Charlotte Stansbury - Web Master Charlotte  works on updating the website and advising her dad on card designs .  She also helps with the sales and financial statements of this business.

Craig Stansbury - CEO and Artist Craig has lived in Connecticut for most of his life.  He was raised a Ridgefield Tiger, and later moved to Darien.  He graduated from Lehigh University with a BS and did his MBA in Finance and International Business at NYU Stern School.  Currently, he is a CPA.  After years of being a husband, a father and a banker he  decided to take up painting and really liked it.  ​Little Bug Greetings is an opportunity to bring

his creative interests, business skills and

family together .

"We're proud to create colorful, unique paper greeting cards!  We're all involved to make each greeting card distinctive with a handmade design!"  - Craig Stansbury, CEO